Category: Collaborations

Paint Wars

Paint Wars is a competitive multiplayer game designed for a large touchscreen table; where up to 4 players pit their colours against each other to win the Paint Wars.

Dynamically Split Screen for WORLD4

WORLD4 2? WORLD5? WORLD4²? I’m not exactly sure what Alexander Muscat is planning to call the next iteration of his game WORLD4; but that hasn’t stopped me helping…

Art, Darling.

Art, Darling is a collaborative art game by William Goddard, where players use unusual controllers to paint and decorate an object. I did some art assets for Will…

The “ConSWOLer”

For William Goddard’s game Get SWOL, I was asked to create two custom controllers (Which we took to nicknaming the “conSWOLers”). The controllers were given an 80’s fitness-style…

Deep Rift or: Spooky Shark

Deep Rift was a prototype horror game Alexander Muscat and I developed for RMIT to display VR technology during their open day events.In the game players must navigate…

Mutually Assured Destruction

A team based role playing game of spying, bartering, strategy and diplomacy.

The stakes? Just the apocalypse.